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Tibia provides novice users and advanced users tools and resources necessary to build and maintain an Open Tibia Server. In the download section there are distros, maps, lua scripts, ip changers, map editors, item editors, and more. Players can find tools to aid them in game play like free Tibia bots, movie recorders, and mutli client.

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Featured Article by Admin Steve at
Setting up a server isn't as hard as it seems. Simply follow the steps below and you will have a Open Tibia server up and running in no time at all.

1. The first thing you need to decide is whether you will be hosting it on your computer or a dedicated server. Tibia Hub recommends you use a dedicated server that way you don't have to worry about lag, portfowarding, IP changing, power outages, leaving computer on 24/7, lagging your home internet, computer restarts, or DoS attacks. Settting up, editing, and maintaining an OT server on a dedicated server is just as easy as hosting it at home.

If you decide to use a dedicated server we recommend you use . Their servers have an uptime of 99.9% and can easily handle over 200 players without lag. Using Remote Desktop, a free program that comes with all Windows computers, you will be able to use any computer connected to the internet to login into the dedicated server located at the data center. Being able to login with any computer is great if you live at more than one house or your team isn't within driving distance of one another.

2. If you decided you would prefer to just host it at home you will need to make sure port 7171 is open. Using the Port Checker tool on the left side of enter your IP address and port 7171 and hit the check button. Your IP address is located in the User Block on the left side of

If 7171 is blocked you must login to your router's page and open it up. Usually you can access your router's page by going to If you aren't sure how to open up port 7171 you can either call your internet provider or the manufacturer of your router.

(Port 80 must be open if you plan on hosting a website too).

3. Download a SQL server from theTibia MC section of The server distro is what runs your map and scripts. We recommend you use The Forgotten Server. You must also download Xampp which runs the website and stores the Open Tibia server's database information.

4. After installing Xampp go to where you installed it and double click xampp_start.  You will notice a small black screen that stays open. You can minimize this but do not close it or else the server and website will not function. Enter http://localhost/security/xamppsecurity.php into your browser and setup a password. Do not make your password Root. Make it something that someone won't just guess. Make sure you remember this password too. The username for this password is Root.

5. Enter http://localhost/phpmyadmin into your browser and login using Root as Username and the password you just created. Under MySQL localhost there is a empty white form that says Collation next to it. Enter a name for the database and hit the create button. Remember the name of the database you have just created. Next click the import button located at the top. Click the browse button and upload the .sql file that came with the server distro. If you are using The Forgotten Server the .sql file is named forgottenserver.sql and is located in the first folder of the server. Hit the go button.

6. Open up the config.lua with notepad. There are few things that you must do here. The config.lua ranges from distro to distro but for the most part when it comes to setting up the server it is the same. I will be using The Forgotten Server config.lua to demonstrate to you what needs to be edited.

A) Press Crt + F and find  "-- Account Manager"

-- Account Manager
    accountManager = "yes" (Yes means players will be able to create a character and account using 1/1).
If you are going to be using a website I recommend you change this to no and go straight to step B.

    newPlayerChooseVoc = "no" (If you are not going to have a rookgaard change this to yes).

You must set the cordinates of where you want new players to spawn. You can use a map editor to find the cordinates.

    newPlayerSpawnPosX = 95  
    newPlayerSpawnPosY = 117
    newPlayerSpawnPosZ = 7
    newPlayerTownId = 1

Set the level and magic level you want players to start off with.

    newPlayerLevel = 1 (The level players will start off with).
    newPlayerMagicLevel = 0 (The magic level players will start off with).
    generateAccountNumber = "yes" (Yes means players cannot choose their own account number).

B) Press Crt + F and find  "-- Connection Config"

-- Connection Config
    ip = "" (Enter the IP address of the host computer).
    bindOnlyGlobalAddress = "no"
    loginProtocolPort = 7171
    gameProtocolPort = 7172 (This means they can also use port 7172 to connect).
    adminProtocolPort = 7171
    statusProtocolPort = 7171
    loginTries = 10
    retryTimeout = 5 * 1000
    loginTimeout = 60 * 1000
    maxPlayers = "1000" (This is the maximum number of players that can be online at one time).
    motd = "Welcome to the Forgotten Server!" (Message players get when they log on their account).
    onePlayerOnlinePerAccount = "yes"
    allowClones = "no"
    serverName = "Forgotten" (Enter the name of your server here).
    loginMessage = "Tibia Bot" (Message players get when they login their character).
    adminLogsEnabled = "no"
    statusTimeout = 5 * 60 * 1000
    replaceKickOnLogin = "yes"

C) Press Crt + F and find  "-- MySQL"

-- MySQL
    mysqlHost = "localhost"
    mysqlUser = "root"
    mysqlPass = "" (Enter the password you created earlier for phpmyadmin in step 4).
    mysqlDatabase = "theforgottenserver" (Enter the name of the database you created in step 5).
    mysqlPort = 3306

D) Press Crt + F and find  "-- SQL"

-- SQL
    sqlType = "sqlite" (Change this to MySQL).
    passwordType = "plain"

E) You can change the rest of the stuff in the config.lua to your likings. Just remember to save when you are done editing.

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