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lchemy Guide - How to Start the Game With Four Base Elements

Alchemy is a game specially designed for Android platform. The game is simple but requiring lots of creativity; not to mention very fun and highly addictive. In Alchemy, your objective is to combine two particular elements in order to create more combos. Some players reckon that this game is similar to PC game Doodle God. When the first generation of Alchemy was released, you could only create 154 elements at the max. However, latest installment of this game allows you to get total of 380 possible combinations of new elements in tibia mc.
In Alchemy, you will be given four base elements (water, earth, fire, and air) to start with. Double tap the game workspace screen to create these elements. For creating more elements in the game, drag and drop one element on top of the other. However, only certain combinations can be used for getting a new one. If your combination is right, you will get a new element on your workspace.
Combining the four base elements correctly will lead you to more various and fun combos. Here are some combinations you can do to create new elements from 'water', 'earth', 'fire', and 'air':
Air + air = tibia bot
From the combinations, you can create more elements by yourself. For instance, you will get 'vodka' if you combine 'alcohol' and 'water' and so forth.
As the game progresses, you will notice that your workspace will be cluttered by new elements you have successfully combined. You can clear them from the workspace by dragging the icons to the trash can at the bottom of the screen. You can also remove them all at once by tapping a button in the menu. You don't need to worry as clearing these elements won't undo the progress you have made. Although erased, you can put the elements you have at least combined once instantly on the workspace screen without having to recreate them.
One of the cool things about Alchemy is that the more you play the more surprise you will get. Not only can you get nature's elements such as 'planet', 'wood', 'wine', 'life', 'tree', 'bacteria', 'fish', 'sand', or 'shells', but you will also be able to create popular and commercial ones such as 'McDonald's', 'The Beatles', 'Sex in the City', 'Jedi', 'Sith', 'Lance Armstrong', 'Ghostbusters', or 'Robin Hood'.
This Alchemy Guide helps you to start the game with four base elements. If you are curious of what will happen when other elements are combined, visit our website to get Alchemy Cheats.
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